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Whether you are aiming for a merger or buying a white-label application to help your business move online, invest in practicing due diligence.

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banner Pre-acquisition Audit – Ensure Successful Integration in Your Current IT Infrastructure.

Pre-acquisition software assessment consultancy services will assist you in identifying risks, determining compatibility, evaluating the value, and providing you with nuanced insights to better negotiate with the sellers.

Using the valuable insights of our pre-acquisition software assessment consultancy services enables organizations and entrepreneurs to make better decisions about software assets. And most importantly, it ensures successful integration into their technology infrastructure.

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Make informed decisions when acquiring software systems

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Risk Assessment

Thorough software assessment to identify potential risks or vulnerabilities that may pose a threat to your organization or its operations, including software's security features, data protection, and compliance with latest industry standards and practices.

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Compatibility Evaluation

Evaluate the software's compatibility with your existing technology infrastructure and systems to check for any potential conflicts or issues that may arise during the integration process. In the report, we also offer recommendations on how to address them.

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Value Assessment

Accurate value assessment of the software system by evaluating its features, functionality, and capabilities to determine how well it aligns with your organization's needs and goals. Additionally, we offer recommendations on whether it's worth the investment.

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Negotiation Support

Recommendations on additional features or support that you may want to request during the negotiation phase.

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Due Diligence Support

We provide due diligence support by thoroughly evaluating the software system and its vendors. We check for any potential operational risks that may affect the acquisition process and recommend ways to mitigate them.

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This service can deliver assessment reports, documenting the current state of IT systems and infrastructure and highlighting areas of concern or potential risks. It may also provide detailed documentation of IT systems and infrastructure, including hardware and software configurations, as well as recommendations for improvements and risk mitigation to optimize performance and security.


Making the Right Decision Today, Saves You from the Pains of Tomorrow

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