The Importance of Software Architecture Consultancy in Ongoing Development Journey 

Missing the software ideation phase causes 52% of the software and platform development projects to fail. However, businesses and companies that practice scrutiny during the development process will notice the cracks in the system early on. If you notice the flaws early on, you are on a salvageable sinking ship, but only if you make the right decisions quickly. And Cerebrum can become your partner in this journey.

We do recommend that organizations utilize our services during the software ideation phase. However, if you skipped the step in the beginning, and are now facing the inevitable problems that come from a lack of architecture in the development phase, let our experts assist you.

If you are experiencing challenges with ongoing software development, hiring a software Our team of technical experts will:  


  • 1Assess Your current progress
  • 2Determine potential roadblocks   
  • 3Other inefficiencies in the system
  • 4Address potential security vulnerabilities 
  • 5Performance Issues
  • 6Develop Strategic Advice to Optimize the software development process 
  • 7Optimize the development process for Success

We are committed to creating a plan that enables the development of scalable, flexible, and maintainable software or platform over the long term. Our technical expertise, in combination with our articulate communication skills, allows us to work effectively with your team for optimum results.

We are also equipped to cater to your constantly evolving needs with a software architecture that meets all your expectations.

Our Engagement Process

At Cerebrum, we have developed a streamlined process with milestones set to ensure high-quality results within strict timelines while paying attention to detail. 



A preliminary review of the current development project in place, gathering information from all parties. For this, we will:

  • Take calls with Product Owner to determine business objective.
  • Communication with your development team to identify the project health.
  • Develop a document of understanding with all the relevant information.


We will follow due diligence in dissecting each part of the current project’s health. It will include:

  • Application architecture audit
  • IT infrastructure assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Identify technical debt
  • Identify areas for refactoring
  • Consolidating findings in a report


To ensure that the final product meet all your needs, while being scalable and secure, we will take the document of understand and:  

  • Recommend ideal tech stack
  • Review design patterns
  • Review coding standards
  • Reviewing QA strategy
  • Review IT Infra
  • Review security policies


We will consolidate all our finding to deliver: 

  • Architecture Document
  • Infrastructure Architecture Document
  • Security Architecture Document

Services we offer

We will collaborate with you to determine the overall worth and potential gains from acquiring the software and create a bespoke action plan to achieve the desired results.



Our audit services for ongoing development projects focus on creating an audit of your current project based on your requirements and current development efforts. Then, we develop recommendations that get the optimum results while making minimum changes and making smarter decisions ahead.

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Application Architecture

We offer complete application architecture services. After auditing your current system, we create bespoke suggestions on how to proceed and make the optimum product that performs well and is scalable with minimum changes.  

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Infrastructure Architecture

Choosing the right infrastructure for your software development project is part of the initial decisions. Whether you have opted for the cloud-based or on-premises infrastructure, we have the expertise to help you strategize better outcomes that increase your operational efficiency and improve productivity and performance.

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Security Architecture

Creating a robust security system for your application is essential to adhere to current legal standards and safeguard data against malicious elements. Our team is dedicated to helping you create a secure infrastructure that defines data protection protocols and determines the critical areas for risk mitigation.

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On-going Assistance

Once we have created the required documents for your software project, we also offer ongoing audit services till the completion of the project to ensure that the final product does meet all your needs and expectations. We will monitor the progress and identify any opportunities for improvement if the requirements change. 

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Final Deliverables

Our deliverables are customized to align with the specific requirements of your project, ensuring that they are tailored to your unique needs

Document of Understanding
Project Plan
Application Architecture Report
Infrastructure Architecture Reports
Security Architecture report
On-going Audit Reports
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