Why Should You Practice Due Diligence During Mergers & Acquisitions?

According to the majority of the studies, 70 to 90% of acquisitions fail, mostly due to integration problems between the two parties. It is an alarming number, but businesses will continue to invest resources and money into joint ventures, alliances, mergers and acquisitions, because in this world of unprecedented disruption, it is the quickest way to improve your portfolio.

Successful acquisition or merger are the ones that align with your business objectives while being competent. And finding the right platform is no easy feat. And Cerebrum is here for the rescue.

You can come to us with your business objectives, and current merger options, and we will run a thorough audit of their systems to assist you negotiate better terms. Additionally, we can run an audit on your system to create an integration report.


Our team of experts will:

  • 1Conduct a comprehensive assessment 
  • 2Create a report detailing the product’s details, including possible rectifications 
  • 3Accurately determine the true value and worth of the product 
  • 4Create an integration report for mergers 

Acquiring a business doesn't always require merging it. At Cerebrum, we provide our expertise to assist companies in identifying the best products to acquire and guide them on maximizing the acquisition's benefits alongside their existing systems. Don't leave your acquisition decisions to chance; partner with us for professional consultancy services.

Our Engagement Process

At Cerebrum, we offer a streamlined process and pre-defined milestones, which allow us to consistently deliver high-quality results within strict timelines, while maintaining meticulous attention to detail.



Our approach to moving your legacy system to a modern platform involves a comprehensive analysis of your business objectives and requirements. To achieve this, we typically follow a process that includes:

  • Regular communication with the Product Owner
  • Assessing the feasibility of the project
  • Defining a scope that prioritizes performance, scalability, and security


Our next course of action is to perform an audit of your legacy system to gain insights into the rationale behind the adoption of the current technology stack. We will then tailor our audit accordingly to identify areas that require attention.

  • Understanding why the current tech stack was selected.
  • Analyze the codebase and architecture
  • Evaluate the performance, scalability, and security of the current system


To ensure that your modern platform is secure, scalable, and efficient, our team of architects will use their expertise to evaluate different architecture options. Here are some of the specific steps we will take:

  • Analyze the audit findings to identify the strengths and limitations.
  • Evaluate different modern architecture options.
  • Determine the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of each option.
  • Work closely with your team to ensure that the proposed architecture aligns with your business goals.


Consolidating our findings and solutions, primarily into three documents

  • Application Architecture Document
  • Infrastructure Architecture Document
  • Security Architecture Document

Services we offer

We will collaborate with you to determine the overall worth and potential gains from acquiring the software and create a bespoke action plan to achieve the desired results. 



Our legacy system audit service provides a comprehensive analysis of your existing system to identify areas for improvement and ensure a successful migration to a modern platform. Our team of experts will evaluate the codebase, architecture, performance, and security of your legacy system to recommend the best approach for a smooth and efficient transition.

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Application Architecture

We provide software architecture consultancy to help you design robust, secure, and scalable solutions. Our expert recommendations and strategies ensure that your final product is highly efficient and meets your business needs both now and in the future.

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Infrastructure Architecture

Selecting the right infrastructure for software development is just the beginning. Whether it's cloud-based or on-premise, our expert advice and design strategies can improve operational efficiency, boost productivity, and enhance overall business performance.

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Security Architecture

Defining robust security programs and technical environments is essential to help companies identify and safeguard sensitive data effectively. Our team can help you establish a secure infrastructure that clearly defines data protection protocols and identifies critical areas for risk mitigation.

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On-going Assistance

We offer ongoing assistance to ensure your success. Our team can help you build the perfect team for your project and provide support as needed. Additionally, we provide audit services to monitor progress and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Final Deliverables

Our deliverables are customized to align with the specific requirements of your project, ensuring that they are tailored to your unique needs 

Document of Understanding
Audit Report
Application Architecture Report
Infrastructure Architecture Reports
Project Plan
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